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At E – Sea Experience we have a wide range of services focused on the enjoyment and relaxation of the client who trusts us.

For this reason, we offer the following services:

Company incentives

Service offered throughout the year to all types of companies that want to encourage their employees or partners, through an experience at sea, aboard a 100% ecological boat, to celebrate the achievements obtained in the company.

With this service the employee gets peace of mind, fun, relaxation, good views, as well as contributing to the environment thanks to our ecological catamaran with capacity for 12 + 2 crew members

One of the great advantages is that it can be done at any time of the year, thanks to the fact that our boat has a very large and closed cabin, as well as air conditioning.

Stag and hen parties, weddings and birthdays

Service for groups of up to 12 passengers + 2 crew members, perfect for groups wishing to celebrate their special day, whether it be their birthday or wedding celebration, with their family and friends. With this service, in addition to enjoying the experience, you will contribute to the care and protection of the environment.

This type of celebration stands out for being totally different from the usual, having an experience in the sea in addition to the celebration itself.

The main advantages of this service are the ecological boat we have, the availability of the service throughout the year and the comfort we offer to the client.

Experiencias de esnórquel y playas
Snorkelling experiences and beaches

We offer sea excursions on board a 100% ecological solar-electric boat with snorkelling activities and visits to the beaches in the Bay of Palma, with a maximum of 12 passengers + crew.

Our boat is large and very comfortable, as we have adapted it due to the great results we have been obtaining with this service. In addition, we offer snorkelling equipment (masks and fins), a cool drink and a snack.

One of the main advantages of offering this service is that we have a solar electric boat, which means that we do not have many expenses and we can maintain competitive prices. Another advantage is that we have two areas, one in the sun and the other covered from the sun, to shelter from the heat.


Catamaran ride services during sunsets, where the capacity is for a maximum of 12 passengers + crew on board in our 100% ecological solar-electric boat. The best option for a couples, family or friends trip, where there is also the option of a snack plus a glass of cava, drinks and water. The trip departs from the port and returns to the port at the end of the three hours.

Experience a sunset from the sea, something you will never forget.

An advantage to take into account is that we have an air-conditioned deck to insulate the heat.

Lunches and dinners

We make reservations for private lunches and dinners on board our boat to enjoy a lunch or dinner with magnificent views of the Bay of Palma. The menu will be to choose from several options, as well as the drink included. The capacity is 12+2 crew members.

Our catamaran has an exceptional space and comfort for those who hire our service, where you can enjoy as a couple, or with family and friends.

Private tour

For couples or groups of couples, up to 12 passengers, who want to celebrate anniversaries or private meetings on board a 100% ecological, solar-electric boat in the Bay of Palma, enjoying the sea and its views.

In addition to enjoying the tour, our clients contribute to the care of the environment, thanks to the use of our ecological catamaran, which does not emit polluting gases.

Our private tour has numerous advantages, including privacy, comfort, confidentiality, fun and freedom.

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